Nail in sidewall of tire

Nail in the sidewall of tire

Nails, screws or any object that penetrates the tire causing air loss is unfortunate because it's not repairable. A tire patch will not fix the problem being that the sidewall is to thin and the patch will not lay flush. Take your thumb as seen in the picture and place it on the top edge. If your thumb touches the hole then it's a no go on fixing the tire. If it's past your thumb then the patch should have a flat enough surface to lay even on the inside surface of the tire. 

Bubble in a tire

Bubble in tire what is it?
A sidewall bubble is a bulge protruding from the sidewall of the tire. It is caused by air leaking from the inside of the tire into the carcass or body of the tire. Most tire bubbles are caused by impact damage. The impact can also damage the sidewall cords and weaken the tire causing a tire blowout. Did you recently hit a pothole while you was driving? If so this may be the cause of your Tire bubble. Driving on a flat tire for a short period of time can also cause a tire bubble to form.

Tire blowout

Tire blowout safety

  • Firm grip on the steering wheel and stay calm.
  • Steer straight and do not slam on the brakes.
  • Allow your car slow down gradually.
  • Pull to the side of the road once you have slowed to a safe speed.
  • Activate your emergency flashers.
  • Make sure you are in a safe place and call for help.

Broken belt on tire

Why does my car feel like the tire is about to fall off? Well this could be a sign of a broken tire belt. A few things can cause a tire belt to break. Pot holes are the worst enemy! Defective Belts, improper mounting and aging are a few as well. In really bad cases you will be able to feel the separation if you run your hand around the tire. Be careful that no steel belts are exposed when you do this. Most people just notice wobbles at low speeds. It's important to change your tire right away to avoid a blowout.

Tire plug vs patch

Tire plug - The plug is supposed to be a temporary fix. You do not want to drive on the plug for the remaining life of the tire. Plugs can separate after time causing the tire to split. Do not attempt to add air to the Tire if it has sidewall damage. This may cause serious injury if tire exploded.

Tire patch - A patch can be a stronger repair than a plug.Your vehicle can be driven with a patched tire if the tire has been professionally fixed. The tire patch is done from the inside of the tire and requires sealant and a patch with a plug attached to it for more protection. More automotive repair shops are going to patching tires to ensure the safety of the driver and others on the road.

what causes tire cupping

Tire cupping causes can be A few factors. Tire cupping can be from worn suspension components,Unbalanced wheels and A vehicle that is out of alignment. Tire cupping noise can sound like A growling noise. It almost sounds like A bad wheel bearing. It will drive you crazy depending how bad it is. Don't just change your tires because without fixing the problem you will destroy A new set of tires in no time.