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Pick Ship Install

How to buy tires online and ship to A preferred installer near you. 

Shop by Tire Size or by Vehicle 

Not sure what tire size you have? On most vehicles your tire size would be located on your driver side door jam. You will see a sticker that should show the tire size and the PSI that's required for your vehicle. Another way to find your tire size would be on the tire itself. For example you will see some numbers like 225/60/R16. You will notice the letter P or Lt before the tire size. This stands for passenger tire or light truck tire. 

Once you get your tire size just punch that number into the search engine on the site and a list of tires will pop up for you to pick from.  A very important thing you need to look for is the speed rating.  You must use the same speed rated your manufacturer put on the vehicle. As you see in the image below you will see the tire size and the 100W which is the speed rating for this tire.

Now that you found your tire size we can shop for tires. You will have many tires to choose from with real reviews. Find A tire that fits your budget and that's it! 

Delivering Your Tires 

You can ship to your home or one of the recommended tire installers near you. Once your tires show up at the installer you will be notified your shipment is there and ready to be installed. You may choose to have your tires installed anywhere you want.  The recommended installer is just A trusted partner that the online tire store recommends to take care of your vehicle.